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ASGARD - Progressive Rock Band 1969 - 71

Asgard were one of the top Coventry progressive rock bands in the early 70's, with their own experimental numbers influenced by bands like the Nice and Pink Floyd and picked up and promoted by John Peel with a view to being recorded for his Dandelion label alongside acts like Medicine Head and Principle Edward's Magic Theatre.

The band practiced at the Coventry Arts Umbrella club and were sometimes joined by Neol Davies (The Selecter) on sitar. Peter Clemons has the full story of this fascinating band in an article from the Coventry Telegraph. Below is further information and photos on the Hobo A to Z of Coventry bands and some youtube of the band, giving an idea of their sound - but first Pete's article -

 More material and photos via Trev Teasdel on Hobo - The A to Z of Coventry Bands

The following tracks by Asgard were digitised and cleaned up by producer Roger Lomas from a rare live acetate of the band which unfortunatley was partially damaged with solder splashes along with the customary vinyl clicks and noises. Although Asgard were lined up to do some professional recording for John Peel's label at one stage, it never happened and these demo tracks are all that we have. However, they give a good idea of the band's sound and material at the time they were recorded.
 Asgard - Sunrise

Asgard - Month Part 1 and 2

Asgard - Trivialities parts 1 and 2

Follow the link to A to Z of Coventry bands for more photos and material.

Photo of  Neol Davies wirth his long hair playing sitar c 1970.

Asgard were under the wing of  John Peel for a while and they were mentioned in his column in Disc and Music Echo early 1970
In the article John Peel writes "Paul Padum and elements of Asgard stayed at Peel Acres. Tonight we were supposed to drive to Coventry to see Asgard play but there was talk of fog on the M1"

Richard Kilbride (bass player) wrote "

John Peel
"We were taken under the wing of John Peel for some time, through the efforts of Paul Padun our manager,We played with John Peel on his new band spot at 'Mothers' - Erdington in Birmingham / Asgard made its debut at the Torbay Blues Festival and also appeared at Torquay Town hall with John Peel at a Blues festival as support to Blodwyn Pig who failed to turn up! So we improvised a set to fill their spot. He also put us on a C.N.D festival in Victoria park (with a huge audience), headlined by The Crazy world of Arthur Brown and The Liverpool Scene. We also did many Gigs with Principal Edwards Magic Theatre in St. Ives, who were also his protogies. The Roundhouse in London

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