Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Sorrows Reform - Another recent article by Pete Clemons

New from Pete Clemons - a recent article on The Sorrows - the seminal Coventry 60's 'freakbeat' band who have recently reformed.

If it's hard to read the article on the graphic you can read the text on line here - 

Friars Promotions - Recent article by Pete Clemons

There is a post also on Hobo - Coventry Discos / Venues etc on Friars Promotions with various cards and photos here

This is a new article by Peter Clemons from Coventry Telegraph.
If it's not readable when you enlarge the graphic here, you can read it on line here -

" In the above article - Pete, a regular Telegraph contributor and member of Coventry's Wall of Fame steering committee, recalls the city's Twang Dances of the 1960s."