Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Locarno

The latest Pete Clemon's article for the Coventry Telegraph - this time on The Locarno (later known as Tiffanys and now of course Coventry Central library)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Walsgrave Band Nights

The latest article from Pete Clemons from the Coventry Telegraph. Pete gives a history of the band nights at the Walsgrave in the 60's and 70's including Pete Waterman's Tuesday night progressive Music gigs 1970 / 71.

In this article Pete Clemons mentions that i (Trev Teasdel) helped with Pete Waterman's Tuseday night Progressive Music nights 1970 / 71. So below I've included a few tickets from those gigs. I used to do the door and help set up.  Pete and I both worked at the GEC Telecommunications at the time where Pete also the shop-steward. Pete had written some music to one of my lyrics (A Lotta rain is Fallin') while there and asked me help out at the Walsgrave. It meant I got in free and witnessed some great local bands, some of whom I knew and had put on at the Umbrella Club and a lot I hadn't.

Bands included Indian Summer, Wandering John, Last Fair Deal, Asgard, Rod Felton, New Modern Idiot Grunt band, April, Audience (from Birmingham),  Gypsies Kiss. Roger Williamson's East Light, Dando Shaft, Pantomime (Birmingham band), Skid Row, Flying Hat Band and many more.
Pete Waterman - Coventry Days
I'd get there about 7pm and we'd open at 8pm. Pete would go through the records he was intending to play, current hits like - Yellow River, In the Summertime, Alright Now, soul and progressive tracks and oldies seg  The Small Faces, to name but a few. I'd help the bands in with their equipment, talk to him about music and on one occasion he introduced me to Rod Felton ( a solo contemporary folk and blues artist). The next week we went on walkabouts before the gig to Pete's parents house, (where the road is now named after him!). He'd be collecting bits of disco gear, and then caught the bus from Ball Hill to town calling in at a record shop near the arcade. Some of his fans from his Locarno discos would wave and call out to him. After that it was a trip up to Earlsdon Cottage - where they had jazz and folk nights. On this occasion  Rod Felton was on and was sitting on the grass playing guitar as we arrived. Pete had gone to collect his flute from Rod as he intended to play it later at the Walsgrave. Before we left Pete played some melodic flute to one of Rod Felton's songs. Sadly we didn't have mobile vids back then!

Gypsy Lee were on that night, a heavy R & B band and Pete got up to sing a raucous version of Rock me Baby, giving the flute some welly Jethro Tull style. They were popular nights with some good music and some good bands. Pete was a workaholic, DJing 7 nights a week and working at the GEC during the day - until about 1973 when he left to open Soul Hole Records.

Trev Teasdel - Cov Telegraph pic 1973
Ad from Broadgate Gnome 1970