Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lieutenant Pigeon

The ever prolific Pete Clemons with his latest for the Coventry Telegraph. The background to Lieutenant Pigeon and Mouldy Old Dough - which wasn't their only single of course.

Here is their website http://www.lieutenantpigeon.co.uk/

Rob Woodward - piano
Nigel Fletcher- drums
Steve Johnson - bass,
Rob's mum Hilda - Piano
From the Rex Brough Cov Music Site.
This band created Coventry's first No 1 hit in their living room in Stoke. Mouldy Old Dough, was basically an instrumental save for the intermittent refrain of the title. The B-side, "the Villain" is highly recommended as it is very very strange. The follow-up Desperate Dan, just made the Top 20.

1.Mouldy Old Dough/The Villain Decca 18/02/72
2.Desperate Dan/Opus 300 Decca 1/12/72
3.And The Fun Goes On/Opus 302 Decca 11/05/73
4.Oxford Bags/Creativity Decca 31/08/73
5.Big Butch Baby/I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen Decca 1/02/74
6.You Are My Hearts Delight/Love Inflation Decca 9/08/74

7.Rockabilly Hot Pot/Gosford Street Ragg Decca 19/09/75
8.Goodbye/I'll Sail My Ship Alone Decca 23/04/76
9.Spangles Comet 23/09/77
10.Disco Bells SMA 14/04/78
11.Bye Bye Blackbird Elver 12/07/78
12.Bobbing Up and Down Like This Shack 22/05/81

1.Mouldy Old Music Decca 1973
2.Pigeon Pie Decca 1974
3.Pigeon Party Decca 1974

Reissue CDs
Mouldy Old Dough - 1998 Emporio

Heavy Cochran
I've Got Big Balls (Of Resentment)/Well, Fairly Big Psycho P 2611
I've Got A Little Prick (Of Conscience)/It's 12 Inches But I Don't Use It As A Rule (8/79) Psycho 2619

Rob Woodward
Bogie/Hell Bent On Rock'n'roll (6/80)
Bounty Hunters

Coconut Shuffle (Remix)/Barrelhouse (6/80)

Rob Woodward made records as a solo artist  - Shel Naylor - for Decca when he was only 17. This is his second single One Fine Day, written by Ray and Dave Davies of the Kinks with Jimmy Page on guitar recorded in 1964.

This is their other band Stavely Makepeace with Steve Tayton - Cov sax player

Much more on youtube for these artists.

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